Gold Luxury: The New Insight

Posted on Monday, May 02, 2016

There aren’t many options that we don’t already know about in the realm of Luxury Travel. We have Abercrombie & Kent, Travcoa, Cox and Kings, Thomson Adventures, and Tauck World Discovery. Well, a breath of fresh air has arrived in the form of Gold Luxury by none other than Insight Vacations. For over 30 years, we’ve known Insight to be a part of the Big 3 in First Class Touring, which includes the likes of Globus and Trafalgar Tours. What separates Insight from Globus and Trafalgar, and what finally brings Insight into the Luxury fold? Insight Gold: Luxury Hotels of Distinction; Epicurean Dining; Signature Sightseeing; Priority Admissions; Smaller Group Sizes; Business Class Legroom; First Class Rail; and Superior Service.

Insight has a total of 20 Gold tours in Europe, India, the US and Canada.  Here are some of the most popular Insight Gold tours.  For a full list of Insight Gold tours, please click here.

Italian Vogue: Rome, Capri, Florence, Viareggio, & Venice
Regina Hotel Baglioni, Rome; Capri Palace, Capri; Hotel Brunelleschi, Florence; Grand Principe di Piemonte, Viareggio; BauerL’Hotel, Venice

Hawaiian Dreams: Waikiki Beach, Kaanapali, Kohala Coast, & Poipu
Westin Resort & Spa, Oahu; Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas, Maui; Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, Kauai

Grand Canadian Rockies: Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Kelowna, Banff, Yoho National Park, Jasper, & Kamloops
Four Seasons, Vancouver; Grand Pacific, Victoria; Four Seasons, Whistler; Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, Kelowna; Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff; Emerald Lake Lodge, Yoho National Park; Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper National Park; Four Seasons, Vancouver

We learned what separates Insight from Globus and Trafalgar, but we have yet to learn what separates Luxury Gold from the other luxury brands… Great Savings & Discounts!

  • Book & Pay Early For Massive Discounts > Save Up To $1,338.00 Per Couple
  • Small Groups Discount > Book 5 to 8 Travelers & Save 5% Per Person
  • Single Traveler Savings > If You Are Traveling Alone, Insight can Pair You With Someone of the Same Gender So You Don’t Have to Pay the Single Room Supplement. Save Up To: $2,550.00
  • Triple Room Discounts > When three (3) People Travel Together and Share One (1) Room, Each of the Three Enjoys a Discount Off the Trip Price. Save Up To: $650.00
  • Young Traveler Discount > Insight Offers You the Opportunity of Sharing Your Happy Holiday Memories With Your Children or Grandchildren. Young Travelers Must Be Under 18 Years Old to Qualify. Save Up To 10% Off the Base Tour Price.
  • Extra Trip Discount > Book Two (2) Insight Vacations of 7-Days or Longer & Get A Saving of Up To $435.00

Insight Vacations is aware you need to plan your travel arrangements  early to take advantage of their early payment discounts, utilize frequent flyer, or benefit from airline early booking offers. To assist you when booking ahead, Insight has designated a great many trips as DEFINITE DEPARTURES (DEF); these are trips which have surpassed minimum booking numbers, confirming operations.

You Can Guarantee Your Insight Luxury Gold Tour Today For Only $200.00 Per Person!

Seven Stars - Luxury Train Japan

Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Japan’s first luxury sleeper train began operation last year. This train has been booked solid ever since. Many people are wondering what all of the fuss is about including us. We’ve done some research on this train to try to figure out what makes it so popular.

About The Train
The Seven Stars in Kyushu was named after the Big Dipper. The train is supposed to symbolize people navigating their way to new opportunities. When first looking at the train, it doesn’t look much different than other one with its reddish-brown lacquer paint. However, the eight-car train is filled with luxury. Among the train cars is a lounge, dining car and five cars that consist of 14 suites. The train only accommodates 30 passengers at the most. The interior of The Seven Stars is pretty impressive. The main component of the train cars is wood. Both the floor and the walls are made of intricate woodwork and have Japanese decorations sprinkled around them which gives it a unique feel. There’s a window in the lounge car that can be used as a movie screen. Guests can listen to music being played on the piano or have some traditional Japanese tea in the small tearoom.

The Suites
Just like with the rest of the train, no expense has been spared with the suites. Each one has its own shower room that is made out of wood. The wash basin is made of a beautiful porcelain. Each suite has luxurious bedding and numerous windows that allow passengers look outside at the scenery that they are passing by, even if they are lying in bed.

Passengers will depart from Hakata Station which is located in Fukuoka. They will then tour Kyushu Island and see things like Nagasaki, Aso in Kumamoto and Yufuin in Oita Prefecture. They will return back to Hakata Station once their trip is over. Passengers can either choose the two day, one night trip or the four-day, three night trip.

Tickets can be pretty pricey for such a short trip. They can cost up to $5,500 per person, which is 550,000 yen. Despite the fact that prices are so high, The Silver Stars has received approximately 10 times the amount of reservation requests that they can fulfil.

If you want to take a ride on The Silver Stars then you will have to wait. As of right now there’s about a 6 month wait for reservations to become available. In general, Kyushu is a popular tourist destination with approximately 30 million people visiting it annually. There’s no doubt that many of these visitors will try to catch a glimpse of The Silver Stars while they are in the area.

Four Seasons Private Jet Journeys

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Four Seasons is unveiling their new private jet journeys in 2015. This type of travel is for those that want a private jet around the world tour, combined with a luxurious travel experience. A private jet journey is expensive, and will cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per person. However, you travel in ultimate luxury, everything is included.  This type of travel is pretty popular with the wealthy, and private jet tours tend to sell out pretty quickly. The Four Seasons expects their private jet journeys to do the same.

The Jet The jet is a reconfigured Boeing 757. It has only 52 seats that are strategically configured 2x2. This allows for each passenger to have an adequate amount of space to relax and enjoy their time on the plane.

Food The trip begins with a dinner that was developed by an onboard executive chef. Every meal only uses the freshest ingredients available and beverages, including alcohol, are included. Even when off of the jet and touring each destination, guests will have access to bottled water that is free of charge. For guests that have dietary restrictions their meals will be planned and prepared accordingly both on the jet and at the included restaurants where the patrons will be dining.

Destinations Beginning in 2015 travelers can choose from three different types of private jet journeys: Around the World February 2015, Backstage with the Arts April 2015 and Around the World August 2015. Around the World in February will begin in Los Angeles and take travelers on a 24 day journey to 9 different destinations including London and the Taj Mahal. Backstage with the Arts in April is 16 days long and travelers will visit six different destinations that include Prague and Milan. The last journey currently scheduled for 2015 is the Around the World in August. This 24 day journey takes guests to nine different destinations that range from Beijing, Tokyo and the Serengeti.

The Four Seasons Difference There are several companies that offer private jet journey experiences to its travelers. The difference between what these companies offer and what the Four Seasons plans to offer are the on-board accommodations and extras. Four Seasons will offer what it calls the “Four Seasons Sleep experience”. Each of the seats on the plane are custom-made flatbeds made out of leather. The mattresses, duvets and pillows are designed to be very similar to the luxury items found at a Four Seasons resort. Travelers will also have on-board concierge that will be right at their fingertips if they need to book a day at the spa or some time at a golf course. From the beginning to end of the trip travelers will be completely pampered and taken care of.

The price of each jet journey includes all of the air travel, planned excursions, meals, ground transportation and accommodations at a Four Seasons hotel or resort when spending the night on land. Four Seasons is one of the leaders in the hospitality industry and they are known for their high standards and commitment to guest satisfaction. They currently operate 92 different hotels.

Touring Cuba

Posted on Thursday, May 08, 2014

Since Raul Castro took the reins from his brother Fidel two years ago, Cuba has been in an upward swing in terms of infrastructure with resorts, cell towers, Internet, etc… Coincidentally, tourism has picked up as well, and we’re not talking worldwide either.  The United States, which has been in a 54 year old embargo with Cuba has opened the gates for Americans to visit; however, there are some legalities involved. There are three (3) legal ways to obtain an independent license for travel to Cuba, the first of which is being a journalist; second: research, and third: government official. However, thanks to President Barack Obama’s efforts in creating a more suitable option for those of us who don’t meet the above criteria, enter the “People to People” program, which allows us to travel on an educational capacity; however, tour operators such as Abercrombie & Kent, General Tours, and Tauck are the only entities that can hold the license, add the passengers to that license, and responsible for leading a tour that meets the “People to People” itinerary.

Flights are normally direct from the United States from either Fort Lauderdale & Miami into Cien Fuegos, Havana, or Santa Clara. Being that Cuba is only 90-miles from South Florida; the flight takes less than 1-hour.

Traveling to Cuba is like traveling back to the 1950s where the cars as classic as they are vibrant; in fact a trip to Cuba wouldn’t be complete without a ride in one! Cigars are just the beginning of what is to be the best relaxed time of your life. The Mojito is the drink du jour, which includes sugar, mint, lime, club soda, and rum. Another drink that is popular is the Cuba Libre, which was named not by Cubans who wish to be free, but by the American soldiers who were stationed in Guantanamo mixing Cuban Rum with Coca Cola. Cuba Libres today are prepared with Rum & Tu Kola, which is similar in taste to Coca Cola, but a bit sweeter. The cuisine on the other hand is to die for! Being that my family and I are Cuban, you can say are palate for Cuban cuisine demands the flavors we’re accustomed to, which is why it is so difficult to find a good Cuban restaurant in the states. In Cuba there’s a concoction made up of lime, salt, garlic, and other ingredients we call Mojo, which is used on several dishes including pork. Let’s just say it’s Cuba’s very own secret sauce or salsa, which brings us to the music... If there is one thing Cuba is not in any way, shape, or form in short supply of, its musicians & dancers! Some of the best musicians hail from our little island: Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan, Arturo Sandoval, Willy Chirino, and the biggest one of them all Benny Moré. One of the world’s best bars can be found a few meters from the famous Hotel Nacional in Havana, and it’s El Gato Tuerto, roughly translated “The One-Eyed Cat”; I know, but if anything else it should be an indication of how much fun is to be had in a place that’s been regarded as one of the best nightlife spots in the world and yet doesn’t take itself seriously, which is what makes Cuba what it is, a jovial place where the main motivation, despite its political climate is to relax and not take things so seriously. There’s a lot we can all learn from that.

Now is the time to visit Cuba before it opens up to everyone and becomes like every other place.

New Heights With Private Jet Journeys

Posted on Wednesday, May 07, 2014

As commercial air travel gets more and more complicated with consolidations, ridiculous layovers, delays, and cancellations, more and more families are turning to private jet journeys like those being offered by TCS & Starquest Expeditions & National Geographic. In fact, private jet journeys or vacations are quickly becoming a fast growth segment for private jet companies. Most travelers today vacation in groups, which makes vacationing on private jets more affordable.

Another company that’s making their way into the Private Jet Journey arena is Four Seasons, which has partnered with well-known private jet specialist TCS & Starquest Expeditions and modernized a Boeing 757 jet with all the bells and whistles for a 24-day expedition that is set to take clients to nine different destinations around the globe.

A 2009 report by the National Air Transportation Association estimated annual air tour operations at $625 million, while the DOT evaluated chartered aviation’s annual revenue at $8 billion with $1.2 billion of that being spent on private jet journeys. Four Seasons’ creative approach with showcasing its hotels around the world and partnering with a reputable company like TCS & Starquest to manage and operate their newly purchased aircraft is inspired, and it’s the type of innovation the industry needs to introduce the option to more travelers seeking a much smoother and elegant option. The end depends upon the beginning.

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